Arcada Kid’s Club Presents Tales of Peter Pan and Cinderella on Ice


Welcome to FairyTales On Ice where dreams are reality and adventures are around every corner. Our story starts with a grand opening with lots of familiar characters from Rapunzel and Pinocchio to Aladdin and Tinkerbell. Not to mention the stars of this seasons spinning tales: Cinderella and Peter Pan.  Firstly join Cinderella as she searches to find her true love while using willpower and kindness to overcome darkness. Once Cinderella finally finds a true loves kiss, swashbuckling pirates storm the love celebration- have no fear: Cinderella calls upon her fairy godmother to send help. The one and only Peter Pan arrives with his pixie friends and squares with Captain Hook. Peter then takes the audience on a journey to Neverland spinning into familiar faces like Wendy, Tink and his Raffians. 

This non-stop thrilling adventure features over the top magic illusions, spectacular special effects, an all original award winning soundtrack, and thrilling jumps, spins, and pair lifts- All on ICE!


Mar 11 2020


07:00 PM


Children $19, Adults $25

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Arcada Theatre
105 E. Main St., St. Charles IL 60174